natural light image by Megan Cieloha Photography

Description of the Workshop


Mastering Natural Light Indoors is a 4 week online workshop hosted on that will empower photographers who have a solid grasp of working with their cameras in manual mode to learn how to see and utilize indoor light. It will teach participants how to be comfortable working with available light indoors and enable them to make lighting choices that best support their artistic vision. By focusing on the study of light, photographers will begin to see the world in a new way and create a toolbox of strategies for maximizing the use of any indoor lighting situation they might run across. Understanding of light is foundational in photography and the excitement of learning to see light, and use it purposefully to communicate, is often a turning point for those who strive to create meaningful images. Join us and fall in love with the possibilities, and beauty, of light!


What to Expect:


Reading: Types and Attributes of Light- Identifying and learning to see various types of light
Assignment: Application of the direction and/or size of light


Reading: Considerations of Subject Placement- Positioning of the subject with relation to the light source
Assignment: Refining light use to control light and shadow play


Reading: Controlling Light- Modifying and molding available light
Assignment: Taking control of the light: adding, subtracting or otherwise manipulating


Reading: Identifying “Good” Light- Approaching light use with intent
Assignment: Culmination of the course in an image that shows growth

Participants should be comfortable shooting in manual mode and have a solid grasp of working with the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO.) A DSLR and a fixed aperture lens are required. Comfort performing a basic clean edit in your processing program of choice is strongly encouraged.

What the alumni are saying

With no hesitation, I can say this class has completely changed me and my photography for the better, and I’m not sure I’ll ever see the world the same again! Megan is a fabulous teacher – caring, honest, thoughtful, dedicated and talented. Her critiques are so detailed you honestly learn something from! Thanks to Megan and this class, I finally feel I have the tools to get out there and try new things and new ideas every time I shoot, and for the first time I have a clear vision of the type of photography that really appeals to me and where I want to go. Now I’m a much more relaxed shooter, more confident, and less attached to (or stressed out by) the results. I see light completely differently, seek out opportunities to manipulate the light, and LOVE shooting indoors (gasp!).


-Meredith S.

Don’t walk, RUN to take this class! Megan is incredible with her materials, her responsiveness to questions, and her insightful and thorough critiques! This workshop will change the way you see and use light not only but indoors, but really in every way. I feel much more confident in my ability to use light after this class. The interactions among my classmates was amazing and inspiring, and the TAs participation and critiques were fabulous as well. I cannot recommend this class enough!


-Kristen R.

I credit this class with completely changing the way I shoot indoors. Megan is a wonderfully active instructor who provides in depth guidance and thoughtful CC in a very timely manner. The course materials, assignments and PDFs are well organized and clearly demonstrate how knowledgeable she is about using all types of indoor light. This class encourages you to shoot in low- and limited-light situations with amazing results. You will not be disappointed with this workshop. In fact, you will leave this class with a new found appreciation for light and the incredible impact it can have on your photos.


-Allison M.

Hello my name is Claire and I am addicted to flat light……Ha! Not any more!! I have learned to embrace the shadows through this class and really add some dimension and interest to my pictures. I don’t really get along with too much high drama in my images and this class has really helped me to use the light to my advantage to suit my style of shooting – but just make it more interesting. I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone which always pushes me to do my best work, I’m thrilled with some of the images I got. Megan and the other TAs were amazing, fostering a fantastically supportive atmosphere and giving fabulous and detailed CC each week. If you possibly can do it – I promise you won’t regret it! :-)


-Claire L.

This class is just incredible! Megan’s CC along with the CC from the TAs is completely invaluable and Megan is a wonderful teacher. I found myself really pushing my creative boundaries with the workshop and was forced to use artificial light, WHAT?!?! You can shoot in that? Answer: YES and PLEASE do. Some of my favorite images have come from this workshop and they are of my boys and husband so I am forever grateful. The technical aspect of learning light here is just amazing and photography is all about light! Because of this workshop I have also fallen in love with shadows, reflections and silhouettes. I find myself looking at the light so much more, wherever I am!


-Courtney K.

Can I say straight up that this was a MUST-DO workshop for me and has completely changed the way I look at a scene and my subject. I enrolled full-participation. In my self-study I would often read the words ‘look for the light’ and ‘shoot intentionally’ but not until this workshop did I really understand those words. And when I did understand, I was lifted out of a shooting rut with a new appreciation for vital elements needed to make a photograph sing BEFORE you press the shutter. There was lots of joy here at that discovery.
In MNLI Megan shares her explanations and techniques for understanding and using light indoors, expertly packaged in her PDFs along with a host of her wonderful images as examples. She is masterful at capturing beautifully evocative moments where content and light are in harmony and she guided us in our own discovery of finding and using light this way within our own homes. A seriously amazing discovery for me!



Examples of my Indoor Light Work