Beauty spins and the mind moves. To catch beauty would be to understand how that impertinent stability in vertigo is possible. But no, delight need not reach so far. To be running breathlessly, but not yet arrived, is itself delightful, a suspended moment of living hope.

-Anne Carson, preface, Eros the Bittersweet

Child sitting on steps in travel Image by Megan Cieloha Photography


Family Self Portrait Image by Megan Cieloha Photography


Blueberries Macro Image by Megan Cieloha Photography

Beautiful Things

  • I am a lifelong scholar. Not in the definition of one who spends their entire life in study of a specific academic subject, but I am a someone who loves to learn. When I come upon a new interest, it is ever-present in my thoughts, coupled directly next to the perplexing question of when I should have that next piece of chocolate (usual answer: soon.) The desire to learn leads me toward varied interests- the passion for each is intense, but short-lived.


  • Photography, however, has outlasted the normal length of my attention span. The depth and breadth of skills and philosophies to be explored have proven to be inexhaustible. Just when I think I have a handle on ‘my’ style of photography, a new ephemeral thought of possibility will come to mind and I’m off chasing another winding trail of knowledge and discovery.


  • I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years, we have 3 young boys and have lived in 5 states and 2 countries, I’m a coffee lover who is in the process of transitioning from Keurig addict to pour-over snob and I am deeply passionate about travel.


self portrait by Megan Cieloha Photography