Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

When I was a little girl, my Mom repainted a dresser, that she had used as a child, for me to use. I think it was a deep pink, and I know that she had toll painted pictures of little girls on the doors. Then, when I moved out to an apartment for one year of college, the dresser was painted white to go with the decor in my new bedroom. When my husband and I were married, the dresser came with us.

That dresser has lots of memories and good feelings, but it also only has two full sized drawers. My adult sized clothes have been overflowing the storage space for, oh, 18 years now, so it was finally time for a new dresser.

This dresser was a $40 find on Craisglist, and though it is not perfect, I do like how the transformation turned out.

I used Renaissance Chalk Paint that can be purchased on Amazon with free Prime shipping. My previous chalk painting experience has been on velvet textured wingback chairs (sounds crazy, but it worked pretty perfect for my vision) so it took some experimenting to figure out how best to apply the paint. The first coat with a paintbrush left too many brush marks, so I switched to a very low nap roller for the final 2 coats.

Painting with chalk paint really is quite simple, and the clean up is a snap. If you have questions about this project or chalk painting in general, I’m happy to use my (limited) knowledge to help.

Above: In progress. One quick tip- you need to seal cherry, mahogany, oak… probably more types, as well… wood that has been sanded bare before applying chalk paint, or the oils of the wood will continually bleed through, no matter how many coats of chalk paint you apply. The solution is a quick and easy coat of Shellac. My husband bought a spray bottle at Home Depot, I sprayed it on and the piece was ready to paint in 40 minutes.

I’m in love with the handles. Yes, they cost more than the dresser, but I can’t fault myself for being a savvy Craigslist shopper, now can I??

Isn’t she loooooovely? Isn’t she won-der-ful?

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