5 Minute Session | Photograph the Daily Moments

5 Minute Session | Photograph the Daily Moments

Routine, everyday life is busy, sometimes chaotic, but also very normal. That normalcy sometimes soothes me into complacency and I stop taking pictures of what daily life looks like at our house. Unfortunately, the stages of interest, and even the way my children look, both change extremely frequently and when the urge to document does pop back up into my consciousness I realize that I’ve missed months of important moments. Obviously, there are still pictures, and my kids are certainly not going to grow up and wonder what their childhood looked like, but when I do remember to document the daily I realize with fresh perspective how important it is.

If you haven’t documented a normal moment in your family life, lately, go and do it. Take 5 minutes, find someone doing something in interesting light (or move them there ;) ) and pull out all of your composition, settings and perspective tricks to fully tell the story of the moment.

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