Pretty Little Things for Friday

Amazon Prime is my BFF. I’m not sure if that is sad to admit, or a glorious fact of modern life. Nonetheless, Amazon and their algorithms have me pretty figured out. I logged on to check the status of an order this morning and the header above the information I wanted sucked me right in, “New and Interesting Finds on Amazon.” The colors and textures featured in the items were spot on to my aesthetic. “Ok, Amazon, I’ll play,” I thought and clicked the link to “Explore” (so adventurous!) For your viewing pleasure- some of my faves. Either the sheep or the bunny will come live at my house. Ooooor the planner. But I don’t need another planner. I don’t need another planner. I don’t need another planner. Happy Friday, all!

Top Left | Rifle Paper Planner $34.00
Top Right | Sheep Push-pin Holder $13.75
Middle Left | Elephant Ring Holder $9.20
Middle Right | Fabric Zipper Pouch $19.00
Bottom Left | Bunny Paperclips $12.00
Bottom Right | Bunny Candle $27.99

These are associate links that will compensate this site should you choose to make a purchase. But if a purchase isn’t in your best interest, go enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee instead. Find a little moment of beauty in your day!

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