Jost Van Dyke | Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke | Sailing the British Virgin Islands

After leaving Virgin Gorda, we sailed for a few hours until we reached the island of Jost Van Dyke. The plan was a few hours on the beach enjoying the libations at the Soggy Dollar Bar, then dinner at Foxys, both of which are storied institutions. As youthful (we think ;)) mid-30s folks we felt a little over-aged at the Soggy Dollar. Nevertheless, we enjoyed sitting with our feet in the ocean, rescuing other people’s dinghies before they drifted into the ocean, and the Painkillers were pretty tasty. After returning home, I discovered that Soggy Dollar live broadcasts the view from their bar 24-7. I check in from time to time, while I pretend that I’m on vacation again.

As it was the weekend, Foxys was serving a Caribbean BBQ buffet. Good food, fun music and friendly people. Before dinner we hopped into the water for a quick snorkel. The bay in front of Foxys didn’t disappoint, and there were a bunch of colorful fish, as well as a sting ray and some brain coral waiting to be discovered underneath the waves.

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