Mango Bay Resort | British Virgin Island Perfectio...

Mango Bay Resort | British Virgin Island Perfection

Some people might be excited about the prospect of… A) Not showering for 5 nights B) “Showering” in a wetroom where the floor was literally 1 foot x 1 foot square -or- C) Jumping into the ocean and calling yourself clean…. but Courtney and I were not. So, we agreed to reserve 3 nights during our stay at a hotel so that each couple could have at least one night in a stationary bed and we could all shower. We ended up booking at the Mango Bay Resort and it was exactly what we needed. The location was extremely quiet and the beach was beautiful. The four of us all enjoyed time out on the bay, floating on thick cushions. Access to either side of the island was easy, with travel time of 10-15 minutes by taxi. I hope to return again, someday.

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  1. Small world! I found your blog via a search for kid friendly itineraries in Florence, but we’ve actually also stayed at Mango Bay Resort in BVI. It really is a lovely relaxing place but when we went in December a few years ago the mosquitos were out in full force unfortunately!

    • MeganCieloha

      26 August

      We had mosquitos, too. Our taxi driver said the high number of bugs was due to recent heavy rain. Maybe it rained a lot that December, a few years ago, too ;) All the more reason to spend time out on the water, I suppose!

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