Saying Goodbye to St. Thomas | US Virgin Islands

Saying Goodbye to St. Thomas | US Virgin Islands

After our time on the sailboat in the British Virgin Islands we headed back for an overnight stay on St Thomas before flying out the next night. This time, we stayed at a hotel down near the water, called Olga’s Fancy. The owner/proprietor is a lovely lady who was very helpful arranging taxi service to the airport, offering mixers for the rum we had neglected to finish off while sailing and helping with restaurant recommendations. We ended up walking a short distance into the FrenchTown area and eating at a little spot called Rum Shandy. So good. Our meals were the best food we had on the trip, without a doubt. Service was friendly and the Frenchtown Shandy was the perfect drink for a hot evening (and I’m not a beer drinker. It was that good.) My husband and I had a later flight the next day, so we showed up to Rum Shandy again just after opening to grab an early lunch. Don’t miss the restaurant if you’re on the island!

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