Quick Trip to Great Falls National Park

Quick Trip to Great Falls National Park

Life gets busy, doesn’t it? We have all the best intentions of getting out to explore this area of the country; there is so much to see and experience! However, by the time the weekend rolls around after a frenetic week of long work days, kid activities, day-to-day stressors and dog problems (we have a 1 year old pup and a 13 year old lady… the full gamut of dog issues abound in this house) nothing sounds better than a lazy morning at the pool and a lazy afternoon doing nothing. So we do nothing for a few weekends. And then the guilt sets in. Gotta get out of the house! Great Falls National Park was a fantastic way to spend a half day. We arrived at 11am and waited in line for about 30 minutes to enter the park. When we left, the line to enter had at least tripled in length. If you plan a trip, go early!!

photo by megan cieloha-1590

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