Cherry Blossoms and Monuments on Medium Format Fil...

Cherry Blossoms and Monuments on Medium Format Film

Walking around the Tidal Basin with a 10 lb kit of Mamiya RB67 +80mm is somewhat akin to walking through a supermarket in your prom dress, I’d say. Some people were genuinely confused about what I was carrying, I’m sure, while a few DSLR toting folks did a double take of appreciation. Or so I tell myself ;)

I’ve done almost all of my shooting with this camera inside, and so it was really wonderful to be outside and able to close the ap down a little while shooting with a high shutter speed. The clarity of the focal plane when focus is hit right on, combined with the soft, smooth bokeh has me falling in love with medium format film. I could see the purchase of a smaller medium format camera in my future. Totally necessary, right?

photo by megan cieloha-638450020001

photo by megan cieloha-638450020002

photo by megan cieloha-638450020003

photo by megan cieloha-638450020004

photo by megan cieloha-638450020006

photo by megan cieloha-638450020007

photo by megan cieloha-638450020008

photo by megan cieloha-638450020009

photo by megan cieloha-638450020010


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