6 Minute Video Overview of Export Process in Light...

6 Minute Video Overview of Export Process in Lightroom

I love peeking behind the curtain at other photographers’ processes. From watching them shoot, to creeping on their SOOCs (straight out of camera images) I can never get enough of watching others work. This video will give you a quick overview of my export process in Lightroom. Fellow pseudo-snoopy types, enjoy ;)


Summary of a Few Key Thoughts on the Export Process in Lightroom

-Consider exporting to folders on your desktop when exporting a set of images to be used together, instead of exporting files individually. This helps to keep images organized and makes disposing of temporary jpegs (you aren’t keeping all your exported jpegs, right?!) as easy as one drag and drop into the trash after the files have been used.

-Limiting file size to 400k on export for web is a smart idea, as constraining resolution to that setting does not negatively impact visual file quality, but it does keep file size quite small. Smaller file sizes mean faster load time and thus extended viewer retention.

-Play around with the Output Sharpening amount that you use on your files. I had previously used “Standard,” but about a year and a half ago I stepped down to “Low” and feel that the subtle shift in sharpening allows the soft quiet mood of much of my imagery to communicate more effectively. Other photographers might find that “Strong” sharpening gives their image the perfect punch.

For another blog post including a video showing a quick edit in Lightroom, please click here.


Do you have questions about editing in Lightroom? Let me know in the comments!


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