Harpers Ferry | Travel on Film

Harpers Ferry | Travel on Film

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping as a family (dogs and all!) near Harpers Ferry. I had been avoiding shooting with film during summer, as the move from Alabama to Virginia made the organization necessary to shoot and store film feel a bit overwhelming. Honestly, I had also been quite underwhelmed with my film images and was starting to feel frustrated by the fact that it was taking longer than a roll or two for me to ace exposure. (Perfectionist, anyone??) When packing for the trip I decided that film would suit the colors and textures of historic Harpers Ferry, so I packed up the Nikon F100 and promised myself that I would shoot through the whole roll of Portra 400 that was already loaded. A few of the images still had little exposure issues, but overall, shooting outside, with lots of light, was just what I needed to give myself a bit of a confidence bump with film ;)

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