Framing Elements in Photography: How-To

Framing Elements in Photography: How-To

Using framing elements is a quick and easy way to add depth and interest to your photographs. Here are 3 (and 1/2) ways to utilize framing elements.

Foreground Only

Find, or create, a frame between your subject and the camera. You can utilize architecture, objects, other people, fabrics or even deep shadows. Anything that creates an opening that frames the amount of subject you want to display in your photograph is useful as a framing element.

image-by-megancieloha-0961 image-by-megancieloha-2198 image-by-megancieloha-3604 image-by-megancieloha-3611 image-by-megancieloha-3811 image-by-megancieloha-3854 image-by-megancieloha-4468 image-by-megancieloha-4927 image-by-megancieloha-5342 image-by-megancieloha-9836

Subset of Foreground only- Shoot through Something:

While shooting through something doesn’t always technically frame your subject, it is a related way to create depth in an image. You can choose to shoot over/across opaque objects, or through something that allows part of the subject to show through, but think about how the foreground item adds to, or detracts from, the mood of the image.

image-by-megancieloha-4998 image-by-megancieloha-5400

Background Only:

Place your subject in front of an opening or element that forms a frame behind them. Be careful to avoid mergers between the subject and framing device, and to place human subjects so that strong background lines don’t run through their neck or head.

image-by-megancieloha-3518 image-by-megancieloha-3534 image-by-megancieloha-3624 image-by-megancieloha-5071 image-by-megancieloha-5170 image-by-megancieloha-5874

Foreground and Background:

Put them together! For the ultimate in depth creation, frame your subject with both foreground and background elements. Once you train your eye to see framing opportunities, this will become easier than you might think and is a very simple way to create images that give the viewer a sense that they could step write into the frame.

image-by-megancieloha-0872 image-by-megancieloha-1462 image-by-megancieloha-2083 image-by-megancieloha-3653 image-by-megancieloha-3815 image-by-megancieloha-3959 image-by-megancieloha-4580 image-by-megancieloha-5862 image-by-megancieloha-8683 image-by-megancieloha-9781

Do you regularly use framing elements? Let me know in the comments.


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