4 Resources for Photography Inspiration

4 Resources for Photography Inspiration

Winter is coming. (But not soon enough… for Game of Thrones fans. Ha) And with winter, many of us experience a drop in motivation to shoot. With that in mind I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite easily accessible resources for you to peruse when you need a creativity pick-me-up and some photography inspiration.

Photography Inspiration Resources This blog is full of inspirational interviews and articles featuring some of the freshest and most approachable photographers in the business. When I have a few free moments I like to browse the blog both to enjoy the beautiful imagery and to pick up a few words of wisdom from photogs who have been there, done that. Yan Palmer is all about honesty and trying new things with the firm assurance that if we fail (which we probably will, many times) the next step is to simply get up and try again. Her imagery is connected, warm and thoughtful, while her words create space for introspection into our own lives as well as our photography. Brooke Shaden is such a generous individual. Her blog is packed with inspiration, as well as actionable advice for building better photography, processing and-self reflection skills.

The Artist’s Way This last one is a doozy. It is more of a self-help/lifestyle approach to being an artist. The book leads you to examine your life and thoughts, while requiring a daily investment into writing. It is addressed towards writers, but I think that the concepts effect photographers similarly and thoughts worked through via writing can easily be translated to photography inspiration. Don’t pick this one up for a quick jolt of creativity. In fact, I’m just getting ready to dive back in after a few months away because it was requiring more time than I had, or was willing to make available ;) If you’re looking to really go deep with introspection with an eye towards creating emotional imagery, this book can be a wonderful jumping off point.

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