Nashville, Barely

I’ve seen a lot of the West coast, quite a bit of Texas, and having lived in Alabama for close to a year now, a good amount of the South. I had not, however, visited many of the interior states. In order to remedy that, I arranged our Spring Break trip to Nashville and Lexington/Louisville and was giddy about the plans. Our trip up was smooth, checking into our AirBnb rental home was seamless and our host provided us with a recommendation for a fantastic BBQ restaurant. We drove over for dinner, found the last parking spot in the lot and were headed in to the restaurant when I tripped blindly into a huge (seriously. Probably 8 inches deep.) pothole in the alley, with a 60 lb child in my arms. Needless to say, though we avoided a trip to Urgent Care after the nurse advice line listened to my symptoms, my mobility was very restricted for the rest of the trip. After a day in bed, nursing a sprained ankle and gouged knee, we set out to make the most of our time in Nashville. Previous tenants at the rental house had left behind jello shots, and we tracked down some amazing hot chicken (I had no idea!) after we drove to see the Grand Ole Opry and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. I saw enough of Tennessee to know that I’d like to see more!

green field with tree at sunset picture by megan cielohaself portrait with dog by megan cieloha grand ole oprey house in spring by megan cieloha 3 boys in front of the grand ole oprey doors by megan cieloha boys in front of the grand ole oprey doors by megan cieloha boys pose in front of guitar at the grand ole oprey photo by megan cieloha two boys sit at counter in kitchen by megan cieloha boy stacking carcasan pieces on counter picture by megan cieloha jello shots in fridge photo by megan cielohapicture of hot chicken in takeout containers by megan cielohaself portrait in car mirror overlooking green field with tree by megan cieloha

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