January Self Portraits

Take a look at your image archive. Go ahead. Click over and count up how many images you are in, in the past month’s folder. If you’re like most photographers, or more broadly- most women, I’d venture, the number of images that feature you is quite small. But, you are important, too! Your children will want to see what you looked like when they were young and you will want to remember what you looked like at this stage in your life. Self portraits are a really effective way to combat the issue of ‘invisible Mom’ while also improving photography skills. Working simultaneously in front of, and behind, the camera teaches you compassion and empathy for your subjects, while testing and refining your photography decision making process. If you’re ready to tackle self portrait work, head over to Instagram where my friend Courtney, of Clickitupanotch.com, and I host a weekly self portrait project. It’s simple, just create a self portrait and post it to IG on Monday with the tag #portraitsofme . I hope to see you there!

natural light indoor self portrait by megan cieloha-4851 natural light indoor self portrait by megan cieloha-5170 natural light indoor self portrait by megan cieloha-4624

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