Photogenic Dog on Film

I always seem to forget how tedious it feels to come up with a new subject, or a new way to look at the same subject, when I am committed to shooting daily. I could take a portrait of a child, each day, and call it good, but the point of daily shooting is to challenge myself and expand the way I look at, and photograph, the world. In order to grow, I need to move beyond portraits of children. Enter, the dog. Ellie is a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier. People consistently query, “Is that a dalmatian puppy??” when we are out in public. She is very much not a puppy and prefers to spend her entire day lounging in sunny spots, which makes her an ideal photography subject, especially because she holds still. The 3 images shot in her dog bed were actually the best images I shot on film in January. I’ll be sure to mention Ellie someday in my fictional-acceptance-of-a-mythical-photography-award ;)

jack russell terrier dog laying in bed in film photo by megan cieloha jack russell terrier dog laying on carpet in film photo by megan cieloha jack russell terrier snuggled in bed in sunshine photo by megan cieloha

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  1. Cyndi Parrish

    24 February

    my first granddoggy is still adorable and she does look like a dalmation puppy. I give you the award of phenomenal, Photographer, woman, daughter, Mom and wife to my equally amazing son. love you to the moon

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