It was time for an updated family portrait, but the designated day was wet. Not unexpected in Oregon during late December, but wet enough that it could have been an issue for my camera if a sudden rain front had blown through. Without rain gear, I had to punt. I grabbed a gallon sized ziplock and cut a slit slightly smaller than the diameter of the lens and then pushed the lens through just a quarter of an inch. The camera body and lens sat inside the plastic bag on the tripod, snug and dry.

Mainly because it didn’t rain.

But if it had rained while we were out, everything would have been fine.

green plant with water droplets by megan cielohawater droplets on fir tree boughs by megan cieloha2 boys swing on tree by megan cielohaportrait of young boy with a wide angle lens by megan cieloha3 men hold children on their shoulders by megan cielohafamily cuddles young boy on rainy day by megan cielohafamily portrait on rainy day in oregon by megan cieloha

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