Mississippi Cottage, Film Green

Mississippi Cottage, Film Green

One of the major reasons that I decided to try shooting film was for the amazing way it renders green tones. Digital green is often heavy on the yellows. I can edit digital to look similar to film, in the way that green is displayed, but it isn’t quite the same- plus! Time spent editing. These images were Basic scans from The Find Lab, so they did need a slight adjustment to contrast, but I’ve made a preset that seems to pull my film scans along to where I want them with 1 click. Editing time per frame, including any straightening/cropping… 10 seconds. What’s not to like about that?! These images were shot in late November during our quick trip down to the Gulf coast. Superia 800 and I were friends, when I took it outside at 8am on what was shaping up to be a sunny day.

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