The Second Roll through the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

The Second Roll through the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

The wait for scans to come back from the lab is torturous. I sent my second roll of medium format film to the Find Lab in Utah. Due to the Christmas holiday I ended up having to wait for almost 2 and 1/2 weeks between shipping day and scan day. I’m accustomed to uploading and editing digital images on the same day that I shoot them, so that wait time seemed incredibly long! While I wasn’t entirely pleased with the scans that I received (totally due to my in camera and communication errors) I was completely impressed with the customer service that I received on Basic+ scans from Find. A lab employee provides simple feedback regarding exposure and other technical issues in the email that accompanies download links on Basic+ and Premium scans. I had a follow on question, so I replied to the email and within an hour or two had a very thoughtful and helpful response. I now have an action plan for achieving the look I want with film and understand why the scans I had been receiving weren’t matching up with my expectations. Film is a totally different beast than digital, that’s for sure.

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  1. Nina

    16 January

    Megan! I love how you are embracing film — especially shooting it with more contrast so those shadows pop as well. <3

    • MeganCieloha

      17 January

      Thank you, Nina! I’m finding the high contrast, dimensionally lit images to be a challenge… but it’s going to be worth it, I think :)

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