The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving


 The day after Thanksgiving we packed up the family and headed down to Gulfport Mississippi for a quick weekend getaway. I found the most adorable cottage on Airbnb and, in a small way, it felt like we were back in Europe, traveling and staying in homes. With this Airbnb experience, though, there were no language barrier issues and the TV channels were in English. Good? Bad? Maybe, just, how it was.

Cottage dining room in late afternoon natural light

man in cottage living room in late afternoon natural light
Child with christmas truck shirt on in late afternoon natural light
small white dog hides in pocket of shadow amongst late afternoon natural light
boy rests on bed in late afternoon natural light
narrow hallway in 1910 cottage
antique bench in directional light
Back porch of cottage in late afternoon and lamp light
Window sill with peeling paint and shrubbery in natural light
House outside framed in a window from inside a 1910 cottage
Man relaxes on couch in moody late afternoon directional light
sunset over beach in gulfport mississippi
people walk down libby milner roland pier in gulfport mississippi at sunset
Sunset from the pier in gulfport mississippi
family in silhouette on pier during sunset in gulfport mississippi
Toddler plays on the beach at sunset
toddler hand digs in the sand on a beach
photo from beside a pier during sunset

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