Preserving Sunsets

Preserving Sunsets

As I followed along with Michelle Turner’s Off Camera Flash workshop on Clickinmoms I soon realized that my plan to pop the flash modifier onto my tripod wasn’t going to work out. So, I ordered a light stand, but it didn’t arrive as soon as I needed it. This guy, reluctantly, agreed to be my model and we headed outside to work on balancing flash and ambient light. Without a light stand, placing the flash and umbrella on the ground was initially our only choice, so my model worked up an up-light appropriate expression. After watching my struggle with balancing the umbrella on the ground, my husband took pity on me and came outside to be a human light stand.

I’ve discovered that my kids love flash photography, as it can be much less about them holding still, and more about capturing them in motion. Jumping shots for everyone!

Boy in front of sunset sky with clouds

boy lit with off camera flash in front of sunset
boy strikes a pose in front of sunset with clouds
boy in front of sunset, lit by off camera flash

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