Sometimes, when traveling, things don’t go to plan. A toddler might throw a cell phone into the trash in a London apartment, and you might not realize it until you’re in Paris. You might take the wrong metro and have to figure out, via maps in a language other than your own, how to get back on track. You might forget to pack bandaids in your daypack and then your 4 year old  might trip and scrape his knee in the middle of the Roman forum on what must have been the hottest day known to man. Or… you might miss a flight connection when traveling from Virginia to Oregon (due to weather) and find yourself with an unexpected day in Chicago. While this will probably feel incredibly unfortunate at first, when you take a moment to sit, breathe and ask friends for recommendations you’ll realize that a day in Chicago is actually an absolutely fantastic thing and you have the opportunity to create happy spontaneous memories as a family.

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