Day 4- Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

Day 4- Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

 On the last day of the trip we walked up into the narrow pathways of Atrani towards Ravello. A small storm had rolled through giving the water a little more movement than we had seen on previous days.

 Wild broccoli was growing on the side of the path, along with mint and some other herbs.

 I only caught it with my cell phone, but the donkeys pictured below carried their master up the stairs above as he talked on his cell phone. Donkeys are still, and probably always will be, routinely used to carry goods throughout the hillside towns. Some of the paths that are called ‘roads’ certainly will never accommodate vehicles.

 On the way back to the airport we arranged to stop for a few hours in Pompeii.  The boys loved it and so did their parents. Unfortunately, the streets that used to be paved flat by large stones are now peppered with boulders, due to erosion, and are quite treacherous to stubborn, independent toddlers. We escaped without any serious injuries, but did provide entertainment to many groups of tourists ;)

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