Rainy Day Preschool Run

Rainy Day Preschool Run

 This is what a drive to pick up my preschooler looks like in the rain. (I was pulled over for all shots. Promise.)


This post is part of a group project that I’m working on with several extremely talented photographers over on the CMpro Daily Project. To visit some of their sites, please click the links below!

Felicia Chang | Alice Che | Megan Cieloha | Kristin Dokoza | Stacey Haslem | Karen Jacot | Caroline Jensen | Kristin Ingalls | Kirsty Larmour | Lauren Mitchell | Meredith Novario | Kara Orwig | Kristen Ryan | Jessica Thomason | Julia Tulley |Ginger Unzueta | Sarah Vaughn | Elle Walker | Sarah Wilkerson | Emma Wood

  1. Alice C.

    22 January

    Megan, I LOVE this! What a wonderful documentation of a piece of your life that most people might consider mundane. You made it look so beautiful <3

  2. Lauren

    23 January

    This is the most gorgeous preschool run I have ever seen!

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