A Final Evening

 After warming up via nap time at the apartment, it was time to bundle the kids back into their coats and gloves and head out with the goal of the rest of the family seeing the inside of Notre Dame (I had been inside on Christmas Eve.) We had tried a few times before, but the line had been quite long. This night, though, a very short line was moving quickly and we were able to experience the cathedral during evening mass. On the way to Notre Dame we walked past a small Christmas market and I was sorely tempted by the cronuts, as well as a stand selling white, lacey linen items stuffed with lavender. After touring through Notre Dame we decided on one last dinner of crêpes, as they were easy to take home… just what we needed for a small herd of very tired little boys.

 And one final plug for kouignettes. Really… don’t miss out on these!

  1. Marisa

    7 January

    I can’t believe they label them “cronuts” in France. That seems like such a crudely American term. I have really enjoyed touring Paris through your images!

    • MeganCieloha

      7 January

      I was surprised, too! The term is also trademarked by a chef in NYC, I believe. Food culture is very interesting :)

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