Walk like a Parisian


The day after Christmas we had a tour that promised we would see Paris like a Parisian. We walked through a few less touristy arrondissements and a typical market street. Our guide also took us to a fantastic cafe and a wonderful small cafe/antique shop. Each was only a short stop as the tour was meant to be an introduction to the city, with the intent that we would go back and explore more thoroughly on our own. As our time in Paris was already scheduled out with sightseeing we never did return, but maybe next time! The tour ended in Place de République, where the grates on the ground were a huge hit with the baby.

The night time images are from an adventure we took to see the Eiffel Tower. After a lovely stroll along the Seine, we approached the tower. I failed to book tickets ahead of time and the line was hours long. It also started to rain and was bitterly cold, so we snapped a few pictures and hurried to find the closest metro stop to head home. However, images of the Eiffel Tower at night are under copyright (more accurately, the light show on the tower is under copyright) and so the handful of images I was able to capture will just have to live on my hard drive. Trust me when I say it was pretty :)

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