Last Day in Roma

 Our last day in Rome was left open and unscheduled. We ended up visiting the Pantheon right after breakfast. I only brought my 50mm on this outing and that didn’t allow me to adequately capture the grandeur of the dome. It is amazing what humans were able to accomplish centuries ago!

 The kiddos enjoyed a short movie about how rain falls through the open top of the dome and then runs off into drains in the floor.

 Tourist groups were out in force.

 On the walk back to the apartment we came across a dome/tower rising out of the top of a very unassuming facade. It turns out that this building is the Palazzo della Sapienza (wisdom palace) and was associated with the University of Rome. At one time it held classrooms that taught law, theology, chemistry and medicine.

 At the piazza close to our apartment, Campo de Fiori, there is a daily market. If you ever visit Italy, don’t touch the produce ;) The vendor/proprietor will handle the selection and bagging of anything you might like to purchase.

 In the evening, we headed out to see Trevi Fountain (closed, turned off and fenced off for renovations) and the Spanish Steps (fountain at the base of the steps barricaded off for renovations.) Despite those difficulties, and a skirmish with a street rose seller, the sunset was beautiful from the top of the Spanish Steps!

 Piazza Navona

 At the conclusion of our final day in Rome, we felt at home in the city and vowed to make our (clunky, concrete sounding) Trevi coin wish of returning come true. Bella Roma!

  1. Tina

    6 July

    Love, love. Love your photos. I was especially excited to see you were using the 50mm lens because I borrowed a friend’s and was just playing around with it today and I wondered how it would do on a trip. It’s taking some getting use to. Thanks for the wonderful post and sharing your photos.

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