First Day of Italian Preschool

First Day of Italian Preschool

 Yes, it is almost the end of the school year, but today was the first day of school for this guy! He was thrilled to go and super happy that I pulled out his backpack. His school is run by the loveliest Sicilian ladies and he will learn Italian (and have home cooked Italian lunches! I’m jealous.) while also working through the basic preschool curriculum.

 Trying to figure out how to open the automated gate. Not at all anxious to get inside ;) Scimietta (little monkey- your token Italian word for the day) for sure!

  1. Aunt Pam

    22 May

    His eyes tell the story. He is so cute and engaging. Love your pics! Hope you all are well and enjoying family life :)
    Aunt Pam

  2. love this little Middle man,so like his Dada!! Busy busy busy and at times overwhelming but always lovable and ready for hugs,kisses and snuggles. he is going to do well in pre school, can’t wait to hear him speak Italian. Ciao and Amer

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