April 1st, 2014- A Day in the Life

April 1st, 2014- A Day in the Life

 I decided to capture a normal day in our lives. However, this turned out to be a ‘semi-normal’ day, as my husband was home most of the morning and then went into work from the afternoon through late night hours.  Mornings always start with the littlest guy waking up hungry. After he eats, or sometimes before, one or more of the big boys joins us in bed.

 I tell myself at least 3 out of 7 mornings that I won’t check my email or social media until after breakfast. I succeed at that goal perhaps 1 out of 7 mornings ;)

 If I forget to put them up out of reach, the big boys are certain to have found the iPads once I make my way downstairs.

 Breakfast time. Why sit on chairs? Sitting is highly overrated in many little boys’s minds.


 First nap for the baby and the first load of laundry for me. Honestly, I don’t do laundry every day. There are those days, though, that the laundry feels never-ending.

 Littlest guy was having a super fussy day. I avoid giving pain meds when I can, but he needed some sleep! While he slept I got ready for the day.

 Heading out to do a little grocery shopping.

 At the commissary, and at the grocery stores out in town, the customer is responsible for weighing their own produce and printing out a price sticker to place on the bag for the checker to scan. It definitely speeds up the checkout process. We needed to buy water, as we go through quite a bit. Most people don’t drink the water from the tap, here.

 Lunch time. Spoon feeding is a phase of baby hood that I try to minimize ;) The little ones are always so eager to feed themselves and finger foods generally result in less frustration for both of us!

 Afternoon nap time for boys #’2 and 3. More laundry and some computer time for me while boy #1 finishes up his school work for the day.

 Up from nap. Snack time for all!

 Chili for dinner. Have to keep it simple when it’s 3 boys vs 1 parent.

 He’s just entering the reading on his own before bed phase of life. I have such fond memories of getting lost in books as a child. I hope that he shares the same love.

 Mama earned herself a piece of cake. Semifreddo chocolate and vanilla.

 The day is done. A little bit of reading (just starting in on The Book Thief on Kindle), turned off the light and slept for an hour and a half until the baby woke up. I think I’ll try this project again sometime, when our day really is ‘normal.’

  1. Kristin Dokoza

    6 April

    Loved this Megan! <3

  2. Courtney

    15 April

    These are awesome! Really makes me miss you guys! So fun to see your day and to see you in the photos! And way to go on capturing so many different angles of your day!

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