Letters to my Sons- April

Letters to my Sons- April

5 and 1/2. So much of the time, lately, you amaze me with your understanding of the world and your comprehension of involved topics. Khan academy and videos about fractions, physics and economics (really? how does a talk on economics hold your attention?) is one of your favorite iPad apps. However, there is still a lot of “little” in you, buddy. Recently, we had one of the toughest days we’ve experienced in quite awhile. Your emotions are often still too big for you to handle. After that really rough day of anger, tears and upset, we made it through to the next day. A day in which you were all cuddles and gentle touch, smiles and cooperation. We’re making it buddy… one day at a time.

Please continue on around the circle and visit the blog of my friend, Lacey Meyers. You won’t be able to resist her 3 sweet boys and Lacey’s heartfelt way of writing about and to them!

  1. Courtney

    10 April

    He’s adorable! Can’t believe I haven’t seen him since he was two! You look beautiful! Love that last shot!

  2. Cyndi Parrish

    10 April

    Mostly a sweet Boy, he is so compassionite and giving it’s hard when he has a bad day because they are so rare.. we are so lucky to have you all in our lives

  3. Finn is the same age and I’m always amazed at how quickly he can transition from little boy with cars and superheros into questioning and sharing his opinion on some of life’s biggest questions. I love that you included a photo of both of you!

  4. Lacey

    10 April

    This is so tough, and so familiar. :) Maybe if our little boys could chat they could work through their emotional days together. :)

  5. Jes Gwozdz

    11 April

    Such a sweet boy. The emotional roller coaster of growing up is so challenging!

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