24 Weeks

I felt like this baby was sitting really high, but in several of the shots today (that I did not post!) it looks like he’s poking out straight underneath my belly button. Seriously, like an oblong watermelon sticking out right underneath my belly button. Hmm…

  1. julia

    7 March

    These are gorgeous, Megan! I’m in love with that second image – amazing.

  2. Cyndi Parrish

    7 March

    I love all the images of you, Such a beautiful person you are

  3. jen

    7 March

    Wow, you ARE a beautiful pregnant girl! these images are incredible! Is it tricky to use the lensbaby with interval timer? We’ll need to talk about this at WPPI!

  4. Megan

    7 March

    These are so beautiful, Megan! Love what you are doing with the Lensbaby :)

  5. Laurie

    8 March

    Fun! Looks like you have found a groove with the lensbaby.

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