Letters to My Sons- February

Letters to My Sons- February

He calls you Chip-hug. Before we found out you were a boy, he wanted to name you Molly, but the evening after that ultrasound (which we all went to… the boys both loved watching you wiggle around) he wanted to name you more appropriately. We went through a list of possible names. Each was vetoed for various reasons, the most common of which was “No, that’s my friend at school” and then all of the sudden- an epiphany! Chip-hug!! Perfect.

Several times per day Isaac comes over and pats my belly or gives it a kiss. Often whispering “I love you Chip-hug!” You’ve had several massages already (kind of slightly pinching my belly) and Isaac has vowed to be very gentle and trade you baby toys if you try to take off with one of his big guy toys. The growing obviousness of your presence in our family has prompted many questions: “what does he eat?”, “he swallows his own pee? That’s silly!”, “when is Chip-hug coming out of there?”, “(on the morning of an OB appointment) are you going to take Chip-hug out today?”, “how DOES Chip-hug get out?”

I can’t wait to see how your relationship develops once Isaac is able to kiss your sweet head and stroke your baby soft skin. I imagine he’s going to fall fast in love, just as the rest of us will.

And I promise…. we’ll have an alternate name prepared, too.


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  1. Marisa

    10 February

    I love everything about this. So sweet. :)

  2. Valeria

    10 February

    What an amazing surprise…Congrats.
    Lovely letter for your little one.
    As always I love to look around your blog. I have been so out…no inspiration, but trying to get back.

  3. Ashley Spaulding

    10 February

    I really can’t think of a better name than Chip-hug for your newest little one. :) Gorgeous picture of you two (three!)!

  4. Emma wood

    10 February

    Oh what a precious image and special letter Megan – his first of many I’m sure! I’m so thrilled for your family and of course little chip-hug <3

  5. Katrina Stewart

    10 February

    <3 Beautiful!

  6. courtney

    10 February

    Chip-hug!! Love it! Isaac is such a sweet soul!!!! I can’t wait to see you, get in your personal space and touch your belly ;)

  7. Jes Gwozdz

    10 February

    What a sweet surprise this month’s letter is. So precious!

  8. Laurie

    10 February

    Beautiful Megan! How are your THIS preggo and I just now know? Crazy! You look so cute!

  9. Cyndi Parrish

    10 February

    We Love you Megan and can’t wait to spoil our little Chip with hugs ( how about James Thomas( JT) )

  10. leah cook

    11 February

    ummm, GORGEOUS!!! Chip-hug is such a sweetie already…can’t wait to meet him!

  11. Lacey

    11 February

    This is a beautiful image, and SUCH a wonderful letter to your sweet-pea … Chip-hug! I have tried SO hard to not pry about what name you are going to use … I’ll keep patiently waiting until he’s born. :)

  12. Michelle C.

    12 February

    Haha! This was such a sweet letter Megan! That is such a wonderful experience to go through; new baby, big brother is excited, ALL THOSE QUESTIONS; I love it! Beautiful image. :)

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