Letters to My Sons- January

Letters to My Sons- January

Someone was super excited about “the paper.” Seamless paper is a very new addition to this household and today was our inaugural usage. You loved helping me figure out how to set up the background stand and spent 10 minutes trying to set up the camera tripod for me while I was working on other tasks. It might stem partially from your desire to spend as much time as possible not in your room, where you’re supposed to be during quiet time… which is my normal photography time… but lately you have been suggesting photo shoots and willingly modeling for me without any complaints.

It’s somewhat of a miraculous conversion. There was a time that posing for the camera was not extremely high on your list of desirable activities. Ok, maybe it wasn’t even on that list. It is wonderful to see the caring, helpful side of your personality coming out. From time to time you so sweetly comfort Grayden through a disappointment, selflessly offer up a prized toy to soothe him or gently touch and hug him. Quite often lately, you’ve been asking me for help or attention, and after a few minutes you’ll say “ok, Mama. It’s time for you to go back to work. I know you have work to do.” Or you’ll tell me that I should take a nap, or to have sweet dreams when I go to bed. I hope to nurture this side of you, buddy. The part of your heart that sees what other people need and quietly, happily helps them.

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  2. courtney

    10 January

    These are great! I can’t get over how big he is. It breaks my heart I haven’t seen him since he was 2.5 yrs. So you got seamless paper huh??? Is this something ELSE I need?? :)

  3. Jes Gwozdz

    10 January

    Seamless paper? The next thing we know you are going to buy a strobe and softbox. ;)

  4. Laurie

    10 January

    What a handsome little man! You have the best letters. :)

  5. Elle

    11 January

    He is SO sweet, Megan!! I love the colour in these – and his expressions are way too cute!

  6. Lacey

    11 January

    It is so special when we get to see this side of our boys! You are such a kind thoughtful person, Megan, so no doubt will your boys be the same way! <3

  7. Cyndi Parrish

    23 January

    I am printining each one of these letters out, they make me laugh and bring tears to my eyes all in one page, you are gifted in all you do my Sweet Lady, I love you and Your Boys very much!! ( the letters are going in my “Grandma box” that you made)

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