Letters to my Sons- December

Letters to my Sons- December

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This post is not going to be full of wisdom, but nevertheless, I hope it brings both of you boys some warm memories. This past weekend was the Children’s Christmas Party on base. It was wonderful to see so many friends in one place. We had cookies and “juice” (red sugar water??), Mama stood in line to pick up hot dogs that no one would eat and then we stood in line for almost an hour to see the “balloon man.” That was a long hour for little guys who normally have attention/ patience spans that are quite a bit shorter. You each chose to have a black sword made for you. Subsequently we walked over to see the airplane that Dada flies, and the other planes that fly out of this base. Grayden, you found it necessary to hit everything in your path with the “sword.” Airplane, rock, your friends, the poor defenseless firefighter airmen…. no one was safe from your sword. Hmm. We’ll keep working on the concept of gentle…

A huge gathering like that is always a mix of frustration and joy with little ones. You both loved the atmosphere and watching Santa arrive on a U-2. I hope that you look back on your childhood as an Air Force kid and realize that there were definitely sacrifices, but also experiences that were extremely rich and wonderful. I hope you learn to be thankful for the times that Dada is home and tender-hearted towards those who are missing their loved ones over the holidays, or at any time of the year. Most of all, I hope you appreciate the family that you gain as a military child. We might not all be related, but the support, love and friendship that military friends offer is an experience that we are blessed to have.

Pleased head on over to check out my lovely friend, Lacey Meyer’s words of love for her precious boys.

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  2. Amii

    10 December

    Aw, I love the memories that they will forever have as military children! LOVE that shot of all of your guys together!!!!

  3. Sarah C

    10 December

    I agree with Amii what adorable memories your little men will have!! I love how honest this was too LOL! My boys would totally be doing the same thing with the swords (and okay maybe Sophie too lol!) Gorgeous photo!!!

  4. Absolutely, Megan…They gain so many rich experiences by having a father in the Air Force. It looks like you all had a fabulous day together. Love the first shot or your three guys!

  5. Lacey

    10 December

    I’ve never really heard you write about being a military family, but I love how you’ve put together your thoughts here … you really are a part of a very special group of people and I hope your boys always feel blessed and proud to be a part of it. And, Isaac’s glasses are just perfection, as is this first image of your guys. ;)

  6. leah cook

    10 December

    wow…amazing!! this shot is so fun and I love ‘experiencing’ the boys’ life through your words, Megan.

  7. Elle

    11 December

    Such beautiful sentiment in your words, Megan <3 And what an adorable image of your boys!!

  8. Jessica Vaughn

    11 December

    Thank you to you and your family who make so many sacrifices for the sake of our country. I hope your boys grow up to know how much of a hero their daddy truly is!

  9. Cyndi Parrish

    13 December

    three of the six most special Guys in my life I love you all to the Moon And back and more

  10. Ashley Spaulding

    18 December

    Such a neat letter to your boys this month, Megan! As a military child myself, I love your perspective on life as a military family…your sentiments are so heartfelt and sincere. And the image of all three of your boys is just perfect!

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