Letters to My Sons- November

Letters to My Sons- November

Last minute.

I had planned to take pictures of both boys bowling tonight, but there was an hour and 20 minute wait for a lane, so on to plan B we went…. dinner with very few photo ops. When we came home I had to figure out some way to come up with a set of images for this blog post, that was set to go live in the morning.

Totally last minute.

You are such a good sport about pictures, buddy. It took me quite awhile to fiddle with settings in the relative darkness of the nightlight, but you waited patiently and listened to my directions. Then we got you dressed and ready for bed. As we talked about your day, you told me about the teepee that you made at preschool. You said that you put yellow and green on the bottom for you and Dada, because you both like the Oregon Ducks, then purple on the top because I like it (well, kind of, but we’ll roll with it) and blue for Grayden because it’s his favorite color (which it absolutely is.) I told you what a kind and thoughtful thing that was to do. You thought for a moment, then said “yah, but sometimes I’m mean.”

We all are buddy. We all are. You have an extremely kind heart. Please don’t forget to extend yourself grace. Definitely work on being the most kind and thoughtful person you can be, but remember that we all make mistakes and are sometimes unkind.

Or have other faults. Like procrastination. If you end up dealing with that, you come by it naturally. ;)

Please continue on with the blog circle and take a moment to view the beautiful photography of my friend Leah Cook | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer.

  1. julia

    10 November

    Megan. Wow. That first image left me breathless – SO beautiful. I love your letter as well, and can absolutely relate. I’m so happy to be a part of this project with you.

  2. Lacey

    10 November

    These images are amazing as always, and your experience with Isaac hits so close to home … I seem to have this conversation often with my older 2. :(

  3. Jes Gwozdz

    11 November

    Photographers’ kids are naturally patient with our fiddling around with lights and what-not, right? ;)

  4. Elle

    11 November

    As always Megan, your images are incredible! Isaac sounds like such a sweetie…

  5. leah cook

    12 November

    oh Megan, I love that these are your ‘last minute’ ….I mean, really?? you are such a master. gorgeous images + I really like getting to peek into your world a little more. xo

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  7. Cyndi Parrish

    12 November

    I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE THIS LETTER and the photos that accompany it are well composed and artfully lit as well. counting the days till we can hug these little guys

  8. Jessica Vaughn

    15 November

    Love love love this letter! And your black and whites are always so stunning!

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