I asked if I could take some pictures of him today. He said “sure!” all happy and chipper. Then we sat down to take the pictures… apparently, we are in a phase where happy in front of the camera= hyper with an inability to sit still.

So, I asked him to be sad instead. That kept him still and he asked to see all of the picture when we were done. Later on, I found him working on photographing his daily Lego masterpieces. As he reviewed all the images on his kid’s camera LCD, he skipped right past the blurry, poorly exposed ones and found an image that was well exposed and sharp- then exclaimed, “that’s a good one!” I’m sure that is partially the perfectionist in him, but I like to think that one day we’ll be able to share this love of photography :)

  1. Cyndi Parrish

    25 October

    He is the most gorgeous child… maybe acting is in his future as well, Love LOve LOVE my 2 California Grammy Awards!!! and their Producers as well. so happy to see more posts from you Megan

  2. Lacey

    26 October

    Aw, I love that! He’ll be a natural, just like you!

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