Letters to my Sons- October

Letters to my Sons- October

You are such a happy little monkey, Grayden. Your giggle lights up our lives and we can’t get enough of the way that you are out to experience life for all it has to offer. Running full tilt down concrete sidewalks, even though you just tripped twice over your new shoes? No problem! Scaling bathroom cabinets so that you can sit on the counter, fill the sink up to the top with water and “wash” your hands? Doesn’t everyone? You love to help make up imaginative stories about shower time… in the images above, I think we were either traveling through a jungle or avoiding a huge volcano.

Despite your obvious enthusiasm for pushing boundaries, you can also be quite cautious when it comes to taking big steps out of your comfort zone. At swimming lessons, your instructor has been trying to get you to walk down the steps into the pool, unassisted, for a month now. You’ve been so close for weeks. I can feel the tension radiating off your little body as your muscles tense to take that step, but your mind repeatedly says “no! not yet!” Today- muscle and mind worked together and you took the step… and you were so proud. Your huge grin made me all sappy and slightly teary eyed.

I hope, Grayden, that you maintain your joy for life, for sometimes pushing boundaries and  taking little falls in order to learn how to get up and make your next attempt even better. However, I want you to know that it’s also completely ok to listen to the small voice inside of you that says “no. not yet. wait.” We sometimes don’t give that voice enough credit. When it says “now, go.” listen as well. You just might fly.

Or… take a step and come up with a mouthful of pool water. Next time, I bet you’ll even remember not to breathe underwater :)

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  2. April Nienhuis

    10 October

    Cautious and adventurous all at the same time :) That first step is so hard but we have to listen to ourselves. Love your words and that joyous little face in the photos!

  3. Nina

    10 October

    Beautiful words and images to go with. :)

  4. Laurie

    10 October

    Megan, you just have a way with words, girl! Made me all teary eyed. What a sweetheart :)

  5. leah cook

    10 October

    amazing, Megan!! wish we could bottle up their energy sometimes and use some when we need it! Grayden is so blessed to have such a wise and lovely mommy!

  6. Lacey

    10 October

    This gave me chills, Megan! I love your advice to your little man … about taking those steps and listening to what we feel about the situation. SUCH great advice. I can just imagine that smile Grayden had when he stepped into the water! :)

  7. Jes Gwozdz

    10 October

    Congrats on the pool steps milestone! :)

  8. Lisa Benemelis

    10 October

    Beautiful, Megan. I got teary eyed over your heartfelt words and the victory on the stairs. <3

  9. Cyndi Parrish

    10 October

    Our Family is so lucky to have been blessed with such sweet Grandchildren, Blessed Daughters and awesome sons.. love these letters Megan

  10. Emma Wood

    11 October

    Incredible images Megan, just so special the way that you capture moments – you never fail to inspire me. I loved your letter, and your advice to your sweet boy – I can’t wait to see more of these. <3

  11. Jessica Vaughn

    11 October

    I bet he was so proud! What a sweet boy. His face looks so full of joy!

  12. Amii

    12 October

    Oh, I loved this letter Megan…so much wisdom in your advice to him! And your gorgeous picturesf are simple and perfect!

  13. Elle

    12 October

    He has such an infectious smile, Megan <3 Love your words of advice – and I have no doubt that with you guiding them, your boys will indeed fly …

  14. Amy Lucy

    15 October

    What a beautiful boy you have, Megan. Such moving words in your letter. I’m so excited to be participating in this project with you. xoxo

  15. Ashley Spaulding

    10 November

    You have such a talent for photography AND for writing, Megan. Your words brought such a smile to my face, and I felt like I was right there with your sweet boy going on an adventure of some kind with him.

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