Letters to My Sons- September

Letters to My Sons- September

I’m participating in a blog circle of amazing photographers, and we will all be posting letters to our son/s once per month. It’s so exciting to involved in a project like this that will keep me accountable to shooting and help me to take time to write down my thoughts for my boys. Life gets busy, and I often forget the things I want to say… now I will have a monthly opportunity to remember.

Although you were posing for this image, Isaac, it isn’t an entirely untrue depiction of quite a few of your moments lately. One minute you are the sweetest boy: offering multiple unsolicited hugs and kisses, ambling up to help with tasks around the house, telling me I’m the best Mama in the whole world, radiating sunshine into our lives… and then the next minute you’re testing boundaries, being contrary, and stating- seemingly unendingly- that life is unfair.

You challenge me, buddy. More than I think I’ve been challenged by anyone else. There are those moments when I think it is all too much, those days when I can’t even get a moment to myself, and your childish frustrations seem to be rubbing off on the entire household. But then- there will be a quiet moment, just a breathe of silence, and you look up at me with your clear, soulful blue eyes- and I’ll wonder what in the world I did to deserve such trust and faith. It certainly isn’t because I’m a perfect Mama, because I’m far from it, but yet you forgive me and we start each day anew. Thank you for teaching me, Isaac, and I hope that, while your memories of this time might include several mistakes on both of our parts, the overwhelming feeling you have is of being loved.

Simply for being you. You are special, sweet boy.

Read on by visiting my lovely friend, Leah Cook | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer’s, blog.

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  1. Jes Gwozdz

    10 September

    Beautiful words and portrait, Megan!

  2. Amii

    10 September

    Oh Megan, I know this “child” all too well myself…I see “him” in my oldest! I love this image of him and it definitely says so much!

  3. Laurie

    10 September

    Okay, Megan! Make me cry on Monday morning! You are a beautiful writer :) the boys are going to be so happy you did this!

  4. Lisa Benemelis

    10 September

    Beautiful, Megan. <3

  5. leah cook

    10 September

    this completely made me cry. Megan, your images always evoke such strong emotions…and your words are no different. beautiful.

  6. Marisa

    10 September

    Isaac has such a beautiful soul. He is so tender and loving and I can’t wait to see him really shine as he grows. What a fantastic project! I’m so glad you’ve found time to leave these words for your boys.

    • Cyndi Parrish

      12 September

      Both of my Daughter’s in laws are wonderful Mama’s and outstanding women who care so much about others and do a absolutely wonderful job as hearts and heads of their families..I love you both hvery much Beautiful Ladies and I love this project!!!

  7. Jessica Vaughn

    10 September

    Stunning image.

  8. Elena

    10 September

    This post is so beautiful; it gave me the chills! Love this picture too; I could just keep looking at it! What a great capture and I love it in black and white!

  9. April Nienhuis

    10 September

    Such a beautiful letter written so simply! I love this photo of him!

  10. Bre Thurston

    10 September

    Moments like those make us stronger mothers…BETTER mothers. He’s a stunner, Megan! Your images are always so full of life and soul.

  11. Lacey

    11 September

    Megan, I feel so much of the same way about Cooper. :) This tugs at my heart strings a great deal.

  12. Amy Lucy Lockheart

    11 September

    What a beautiful portrait, Megan. I can see his strong and beautiful spirit in his eyes. Your words are so genuine and heartfelt — what a special gift to give to Isaac.

  13. Elle

    12 September

    Such a beautiful portrait, Megan <3 Your use of light and emotion is captivating (as always!) and your words resonated so strongly with me as a Mum…

  14. Elena

    16 September

    Megan, this made me cry. This is EXACTLY how my boy is and how our relationship is. He is so intense and sometimes I feel like I am failing him but all I can hope is that he remembers how loved he is. Thank you for making this post real and not “fluffy”. I loved it.

  15. Heather

    30 September

    This is beautiful! Real! I love it!

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