Day 4: Belize

Day 4: Belize

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What a day. Noni and Papa took the little guys on a beach excursion where they were able to dig in the sand with conch shells and sample fresh coconut water. The rest of us went on a Land Rover and Cave excursion. Belize is hot. Like, really hot. And, old-ish Land Rovers don’t have AC, plus the back bench seat with cushions that aren’t glued down is a rough ride.

We started off with a 40 minute boat ride from the port, up a river (where we saw an alligator and several large iguanas), then had a short break at an orange plantation before hopping in the Land Rover. It was right side drive… there was only 1 driver switch-out, so I let the boys have their turns. We drove for almost an hour, down dirt roads, on a highway and then off-roading through some huge mud puddles. My quads were super sore the next day from trying to balance myself as we bumped all over the “road.” Next up, a stop for some water, and bug spray, then off on a short hike through the jungle and over a large suspension bridge. Not only is Belize hot, but it has a ton of mosquitoes.

We soon arrived at the cave system. I started off trying to carry my camera, but as we scrambled over huge boulders and then had to duck down and crawl through tunnels, I had to put it away. Also, not only does Belize have tons of mosquitoes, but it also has “Assassin bugs” that only bite when you’re asleep and carry a disease called Chagas… not a nice thing.

After half an hour enjoying the relative cool of the cave, it was back out into the sweltering jungle and then a half an hour break for a snack under a covered patio that was mercifully bug free. We had fresh fruit, rum punch, and bought a plate of beans and rice, stewed chicken and stewed iguana (no, it doesn’t really taste like chicken) from a local woman. Then onto a party bus and back to the port.

Not only is Belize hot and full of bugs, but it is absolutely beautiful and home to friendly, wonderful people. I would go back again.

  1. Valeria

    23 July

    OMG I have missed all this posts.
    What a cool trip.

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