My Trader Joe’s Bouquet

My Trader Joe’s Bouquet

I haven’t been bringing flowers home from TJ’s as often as I did last year.

These daffodils did manage to jump in my cart, though.

  1. Courtney

    25 January

    I want a trader joes! The commissary flowers just aren’t as pretty :O)

  2. Laurie

    26 January

    Oh daffodils…makes me think of Spring. And girl, you are totally invited when we all meet up. A college friend of mine will be in NJ with Courtney when she moves, so a trip to NYC has got to happen. Think you could come out east? I need to start saving money for a shopping spree.

  3. Valeria

    26 January

    I love TJ, my favorite place to shop. And the flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Carrie

    26 January

    Simply beautiful! I love it when you buy flowers so we get to see the pics. I’m so selfish ;0)

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