311/365: Bedtime with Skunka, “Tank” a...

311/365: Bedtime with Skunka, “Tank” and Waldo

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Grayden asks for “Tank” every day at naptime and bedtime. It’s been like this for several weeks now and I think he has it memorized because he has started to laugh at the same point in the book every time we read it. I love that he’s starting to have a long enough attention span to sit and pay attention to a book for several minutes at a time. I also appreciate that he chose a book to be fixated on that is entertaining to read. Very considerate ;)

  1. Marisa

    8 November

    I love that book! I’m glad Grayden has found a favorite.

    I’m going to have to find that book and read it today, because I know I’ll be singing it in my head all day long!

  2. Valeria

    9 November

    That is great. Zen had a favorite as well, a book of animals with lots of texture… that book went everywhere with him.
    I love when they sit and read like big boys.

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