284/365: New Boots

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My new boots arrived yesterday. Today I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a photoshoot to celebrate.

  1. Lacey

    12 October

    Those are CUTE! Those are the Cali version of my toastie new Uggs. :)

  2. ShannonJoy

    14 October

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots!!! Also love how you celebrated! Sounds like the perfect day to me :)

  3. kristin

    16 October

    I LOVE your boots. I’ve been coveting a pair of Frye Jane boots, and these are very similar. I keep looking at them…and looking at them….and looking at them, so good for you for actually going ahead and getting something you love! You look so stylish in your selfies, so good choice for day to take them. It’s amazing how something we feel so good in can make us look so good!

  4. Laurie

    25 October

    Yay for new boots! I’ve bought two pair already and I’m thinking I need some gray ones now. :) I have missed a bunch of your posts, so I’m catching up :)

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