274/365: A Future Dreamboat

274/365: A Future Dreamboat

And… sometimes a spoon is just too much trouble.

  1. Misty

    1 October

    My little girl likes to squish the yogurt between her fingers. A messy snack but she loves it! :)

  2. Lacey

    1 October

    The first shot is great! Well, both of them are, but I definitely see the first one as a sign of his future. :)

  3. Valeria

    2 October

    Love those moments… too bad that I did not do it as often when my son was growing up.

  4. kristin

    3 October

    LOL! Great photos to show future girlfriends.

  5. Cyndi Parrish

    3 October

    He cleans very well!!! give him a little paint brush and he can dust too!! His Grandpa Jeff eats yogurt w/o a spoon( I don’t think he uses his fingers though

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