270/365: Determined

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It took me 3 tries to get these pictures. For some reason, I’ve just not been rocking the camera for the past few days.

We’ll say it’s because I’m sick.

  1. Misty

    27 September

    Only 3? *grin*

  2. Trish ~ ♥ ~

    28 September

    well worth the 3 tries ~ it is fabulous

  3. Laurie

    28 September

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! Looks fab to me!

  4. kristin

    29 September

    It’s nice to know that others sometimes have trouble not being on their game all the time, but I have to say, any photo with you and the kids in it together is wonderful! And the third time is a charm right!

  5. Cyndi Parrish

    29 September

    OMG!!!! so cute, love the one of the boys by the door and of the 3 of you on e the bed, and then there’s our gorgeous Mini Man Isaac, I guess I love them allHAHAHAH

  6. Valeria

    29 September

    Not rocking? That is a wonderful set of pictures. Lifetime memory

  7. Courtney

    2 October

    You may have motivated me to start actually doing self portraits again. These are great and I would NEVER have guessed you weren’t rocking the camera. How do you set up your camera on continuous shooting when on timer??

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