260/365: Entranced

We bought a new TV that has internet capability. Netflix “on-demand” is kind of awesome.

  1. Marisa

    17 September

    We LOVE Netflix Instant. Have the boys seen Mighty Machines yet? One of Jack’s favorites.

    • MeganCieloha

      21 September

      Thanks for the tip! We checked it out and Isaac loves it!

  2. ShannonJoy

    17 September

    Love this! We are so behind the time with this kind of stuff :). I had no idea that Netflix Instant existed :)

  3. Mindy

    17 September

    Oh my son learned to LOVE Netflix on demand when we stayed at my sister’s and she kept putting “Thomas the Train” on for him. I have no clue however how to hook it up to our tv.

  4. April Nienhuis

    18 September

    Streaming Netflix on your tv is the greatest thing ever. You’ll appreciate it even more when the kids are sick and you’re spending all day on the couch snuggling them.

  5. Courtney

    20 September

    Yay! Brandon got his new TV!! Welcome to 2011!! They look like my kids in front of the TV. You are totally rocking the wide angle on this one!

    • MeganCieloha

      21 September

      Thanks, thanks. We try our best to be modern. ha!

  6. Valeria

    20 September

    Netflix is the best

  7. Jenn

    5 October

    May I just say that I LOVE your home! Love all of the natural light flooding in… also a fellow instant netflixer (new word?). ♥ Beautiful photography as well.

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