257/365: Coloring

Accompanied by several “only on the paper please, not the table!”‘s and a final “Uh-oh, you’re done Grayden… we don’t put crayons in our mouth.”

  1. Laurie

    15 September

    Lucky boys. I still don’t let D use the skinny crayons. She has a tendency to bear down too hard and snap them, every.single.time. Love the light!

  2. ShannonJoy

    15 September

    Oh the light!!! LOVE the light!!! i just caught up with your pictures. Blown away… every. single. image. You have such an amazing talent, Megan :)

  3. Cyndi Parrish

    16 September

    Love that you share your babes with us, they are so beautiful and precious, Just like their Mama & Dada

  4. kristin

    16 September

    Love the light!

  5. Valeria

    20 September

    I see that you are changing the mood on your work. It does look great

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