246/365: Denver, Day 2

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The first day of our workshop. We chatted with CJ about confidence, posing and how our personalities effect our photography. After a few portfolio reviews and an amazing lunch (El Diablo on Broadway) we shot our first round of models. I spent most of the time with the spunky little red- headed guy. He was full of expressions!

  1. Kristen

    9 September

    These are awesome, Megan!!

  2. Lynne

    9 September

    Beautiful work, Megan!!!

  3. Alessandra

    10 September

    These are beautiful Megan!!!!and they have your style written all over them!!! The first one is fantastic! Hard work really paid off!

  4. Laurie

    10 September

    How much fun! If only Ben would do that for me :)

  5. Sarah

    10 September

    I love these!! Gorgeous job Megan.

  6. karren hubrich

    10 September

    You really did a great job on this!

  7. Valeria

    11 September

    What a great set

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