237/365: Persistant

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The doorknobs in our house are egg shaped and it is driving me crazy. C.r.a.z.y. Grayden has figured out how to open them and there isn’t any readily available child-proofing solution on the market. I can seriously grab him out of the bathroom twenty times in a row and he’ll head back in.

  1. kristin

    27 August

    We have those 3″ long flipping switch things up high (I think they are more of a cheapy security thing than a child proofing thing) and they work great even when they get older (my 7 year old still can’t figure out how to use them) and no one ever even notices them so you might want to think about something like that.

  2. Sarah

    28 August

    Aww. So cute. Love the lighting. Good luck with the childproofing.

  3. Marisa

    29 August

    Oh yes, we installed one of those security sliders when Jack figured out how to unlock the front door. I forgot about that. THAT was fun.

    It’s so nice when everyone is a big kid. :)

  4. Cyndi Parrish

    30 August

    try socks on the knob, you may have to rubber band them on though..great use for all those outgrown sock and keeps the knobs polished as well

  5. Cyndi Parrish

    30 August

    Like Marisa’s solution for the front door..same one Super Nanny uses for escapee’s

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