232/365: Your Kid Doesn’t?

232/365: Your Kid Doesn’t?

Climb on the table multiple times per day to check out the “ffff’s?”

Roll on their back while eating crackers?

  1. Lacey

    22 August

    My kid does! I think he and Grayden and Kaden would be great pals!

  2. Lacey

    22 August

    Whoops … typos! Doh!

  3. Jaime

    22 August

    Aw….love these!! Beautiful light on that first one! Hehe…my one year old is always trying to climb up onto things lately.

  4. heidi

    22 August

    Yes, as matter a fact, mine do!!! And we have footprints and ants to prove it!!! HA! Loved the captures.

  5. Valeria

    25 August

    I guess that boys are crazy… just saying :)
    My son does some crazy stuff that make me think if he is normal lol

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